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Arches Cold Pressed 100% Cotton Paper


For watercolour paintings, I use 100% cotton watercolour paper. Mostly cold pressed 140 lb (300gsm), and either Arches or Fabriano Artistico papers.

Rosemary's Brushes & Silver Black Velvet Brushes


Well - anything will work.

However, I do have the joy of using brushes made by Rosemary Brushes in the UK; and Silver Black Velvet brushes from the US.

Daniel Smith, QoR, Winsor & Newton Watercolour Paint


Watercolour paint by Daniel Smith; QoR Watercolour paint by Golden; and Winsor & Newton.

Acrylic paint is mostly Golden.


I've been very fortunate to have had workshops with these artists who were generous in their classes and guidance.


This can come from any where at any time. The trick is to be open to it.

Iris's & Big Bold Flowers
Sky, Clouds, Water
Colourful Local Celebrities
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