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Theresa McCarthy
Born in Vancouver, BC Canada
Now resides in Victoria, BC Canada

Art Beginnings

I was consumed during the day by work and needed to escape into something. It started that simply.  Evening and weekend workshops through community centres to start. Then I connected with professional artists at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver.

I was coming at making art somewhat sideways. No real foundation. I didn't know what I didn't know -- or how much I didn't know.

Ignorance can sometimes be bliss. But also frustrating.

I somehow managed to make enough somewhat acceptable pieces to keep myself going.

Then my work side imploded. The company that my husband had started 40 years ago began a decline. I was the front office and saw it all happening. And then I imploded.

We had no choice but to close the company, sell our house and make a move to a slightly more affordable city, and one that we did not know.

The Move to Victoria

Having our world shift in such an extreme way was emotionally challenging for us both. We had to find a new way to be.

Eventually, I connected with the Coast Collective in Colwood, and started some foundational art classes with artist Deborah Czernecky. That was a real game changer for me. I was painting in acrylic, and then began to explore watercolour with artist Dixie MacUisdin.

My First Show

The Coast Collective Gallery had a showcase for new artists. I had two pieces in the show, and felt this was the beginning, an opening up.

But then the Pandemic arrived, and the world closed down.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do but paint, I dove into learning watercolour. There were online zoom workshops, down-loadable classes, and generous artists on YouTube.

I experimented, explored, and watched pigment dance with water.

My world was rocked again. A cancer diagnosis put the Pandemic in the back seat. 

The studio was my refuge, my healing place, my escape.

With operations and treatment throughout 2021, 2022 was a year of regenerating strength - in body and spirit.

In the Fall of 2022, I knew something had to shift. I had to push out through the "art hatch".

And that brought me to the art showings of 2023!

Bloom Art Show 2023
Arts & Culture Colwood Society

April 22 & 23, the Bloom Art Show was a juried show in Colwood.

My "Iris in Space" was chosen to join the show at historic Pendray House in Colwood.

Pendray House, Colwood
Iris in Space


30 Stairs to the Studio -- May 13 & 14

Opening up my studio for the first time was frightening and exhilarating. I was able to share the joy that I found in watercolour, and the healing gift that art & watercolour has brought to me.

Home studio ready for the Art Tour
Home studio ready for the Art Tour


May 27 & 28

An outdoor setting with other artists was another new and great experience.

Visitors and Art Lovers made their way around to the different yards where a variety of art was shown.

Outdoor Display ready for the Scattered Artists Tour

Studio 30 Show at
Art Sea Gallery, Sidney, BC

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